This is actually important — Osteogenesis Imperfecta

I frequent a artsy/crafty/life-in-general  board from from to time. There’s a lovely woman who, through this forum, I’ve done a few purchases and swaps.

Her child was just diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (“brittle bone disease”).

In a nutshell, it makes it easier to break bones, can cause deformities, loss of hearing and can lead to respiratory problems. (I recommend clicking the link above. It just takes you to the wiki article, but it does a much better job explaining the complexities than I ever could.)

Anyway, this lovely lady’s involved in the OI Foundation and regularly donates any money she can manage to raises to them.

Fortunately, she has the benefit of knowing a little about what she’s up against already because she has other loved ones with the disorder. (Though, I don’t know if that’s a benefit in the usual sense.)

Even if you have existing knowledge, it has to be a little scary and heartbreaking to find out your little girl also has it.

She’s trying to raise some money to help the foundation and I’d like to help her do this.

If you like me, like awesome crafty chicas, want to help people with this disorder or even just want to help a woman feel better about the challenge she and her little girl were just handed… I’ve set up a paypal account strictly for donations to pass along to her. If you’d like to help, contact me and I’ll set you up with the deets. (I promise to you, on all things holy, good and lovely that I will pass these donations onto her.)

If it makes you uncomfortable to donate through me, please consider donating directly to the OI Foundation.

PS: If you need to put a face to the disorder, you can watch Atticus Shaffer on The Middle. (He’s so adorable!)

Of course, there are other rad people with the disorder too (they’re listed in the wiki article I posted above).


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