So, yeah… about that vacation.

Ok, so it wasn’t the best vacation ever. (It could have been worse, I suppose. But it definitely wasn’t awesome.)

It started off ok, until I got to Delaware and started going through the smaller beach communities. You see, when you just traveled on major highways where the speed limit is 65, it’s real difficult to train yourself to go ~40 again. Well, I had some issues and I got pulled over.

Thankfully the cops computer was busted or something and I ended up getting a warning. (Also known as "a gift from the gods which will only happen once every 60 years. The next time I’ll have good luck like that will be when I’m 85.)

When we got to the hotel, the room wasn’t as nice as I was expecting, but that’s not a huge deal. It was very dimly lit and the TV was placed very awkwardly. You couldn’t watch it from the couch or from the beds very easily.

The reason the TV thing was kind of a bummer? Well, there wasn’t anything open. We went out on the boardwalk when we got there to find dinner. Our favorite restaurant was still closed. Apparently Memorial day is a real big deal.

Never go to the beach before Memorial Day. Unless you don’t want people around. Laying on the beach was kind of nice because it wasn’t crowded. But, yeah, not much to do.

But this was the funnest part! Are you ready?

There was beard hair in our sink when we came back from the pool during the second day. Creepy, gross, eeky, ew.

We told the front desk and all they did was check our room key history. Since there was no evidence that anyone used a key to get in, they simply rekeyed our room. This did not make me happy as it was just my sister and I and WE HAD FACE HAIR IN OUR SINK.

Anyway, I had a bunch of time to think about this and, well, they should have moved us to a new room. They should have just done that, but whatever. Sometime this weekend, I need to write a nice little note to Quality Inn and see what the hell they’ll do for me. (Probably not much of anything.)

While we were waiting to find out who was in our freakin’ room, we got lunch and decided that, if they didn’t move us to a different room, we were just going to leave that evening rather than first thing the next morning.

They didn’t move us, so we went back up to the room to digest before leaving. When I looked in the sink on our return, there was the beard hair again. (Not quite as much though.)

I decided that our sink was backfilling… but their reaction still kind of pissed me off. So we still left. Especially since everything rolled up at 9PM anyway.

I was defeated by Beach Vacation. It was a live and learn experience.

But there are a few pros to these cons:

– I bought a Coach clutch at their outlet in Delaware. They had a special sale running, so I got a $78 clutch for around $34. This will probably be the only designer bag I ever purchase straight from a store. It smells like leather because it is leather and I will never need another clutch again.

– I learned that clutches are the Best Thing Ever.

– I got a nice pair of Banana Republic pants. Lightweight ones for work. It made me very excited. I also got a cute casual tank top. It’s very drapey and will allow me to hide my fats at the Memorial Day picnic on Monday.

– I, at least, look like I was at the beach? My freckles came out. :)

Uh. Yeah. That was my very disappointing vacation. I most likely will not be taking any other vacation days until the end of September…


8 thoughts on “So, yeah… about that vacation.

  1. When I was younger we would often make the ~10 hour trek down to the Delaware coast, mostly because it wasn’t as overwhelmed as most other beach area. I remember loving the outlet malls, and it sounds like you got some good deals :)

    • I did! The shopping was nice. I’ll have to post a photo of the clutch. (I took one and everything… I just haven’t uploaded yet because it takes me a while to do so. I am lazy.)

      I wore the pants today and they’re perfect for hot weather worktimes. :)

  2. Beard hair in the sink is just vile, for whatever reason.

    You got some excellent shopping done, your freckles opened for Summer, and you didn’t have to work. Could have been better, but it definitely could have been worse.

    Glad you made it home safely. :-)

    • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the weather actually cooperated too!

      Yes, it could have been worse.

      The beard hair was really gross though. I’ll always remember this trip because of the beard hair.

  3. Oh man, after I got pulled over, my heart rate increases to about 200 bpm every time I see a cop. I’m glad you didn’t get a ticket.

    Ugh at the beard hair. It sucks that the hotel was not concerned about customer service. I’m glad you got some good things out of your vacation, though. Do you have a pic of your new bag?

    • I *do* have a photo! I’m going to upload the, like, 3 photos worth uploading.

      I still haven’t written the complaint to them. I need to do that. I just feel so defeated. Haha.

  4. So, I’m curious: how did you know it was hair from a chin and not…anywhere else? Still, hair from ANYWHERE appearing in my sink would make my skin crawl. Actually, my skin is crawling right now! EWW!


      (It looked like beard trimmings like my dad would leave in the sink while he was shaving. That’s why I assume it was face hair. Haha.)

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