I didn’t know that cantaloupe is also known as “rockmelon.” That name makes so much more sense!

Anyway, after work, I took some money and hit up the fruit stand a little ways up the road. (Yeah, sometimes I talk like that.) This is a fruit stand where the strawberries actually smell like strawberries!

Try finding that at a grocery store. No. You won’t find it. And strawberries smell like awesome. It’s true.

Anyway, so I took some photos of my rockmelon while I was cutting it up.

I think the colors inside a rockmelon are pretty. Unfortunately, the camera refused to capture them. Lovely peach and yellow and fresh green.

My after work snack. I have more. I’m going to eat a lot of fruit tomorrow.

I bought some of those delicious smelling strawberries, some non-waxy cucumbers and some peaches (which need to get a bit softer before I try to eat them). Mmmmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Rockmelon.

  1. There are like 3 foods I hate. This is one, regardless of what to call it. :-( I wish I liked it, but I just don’t. Other melons are great, but even the smell makes me queasy.

    • My uncle hates it too! He says it smells and tastes like garbage. And I can *kind of* see his point. Which is weird, because I really like it but I can see how it smells like garbage and I don’t like the smell of garbage

      • My parents love cantelope, and they ate lots of it when I was a kid. I used to have to stay upwind from it. (Their cantalope consumption could explain why they’re both un-Buddha-shaped)

      • I don’t know. I eat cantaloupe. I’m working on that Buddha belly. But that’s why I’m doing a yoga class tomorrow… to get in touch with my inner Buddha.

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