Nope, I do not miss the gym.

At all.

Not even a little.

Here’s why:

1- Boredom. It’s the same damn motion over and over again. I even watched an interesting documentary on the dust bowl.

2- Sweatiness. I don’t mind being sweaty if I got that way doing something fun. Sweatiness+boredom=angryface.

3- Boobsweat. This is the worst. I literally had sweat droplets in my cleavage… Which does not dry because you can’t separate the girls in a sports bra. There is nooooo circulation. This is the worst kind of sweaty for me because it stays wet until you finally get a chance to shower and change into clean clothes.

I don’t like being damp. I never have. When I was little, potty training me was apparently easy because I peed my pants, realized no one was going to change me anymore and I peed in the potty rather than be wet and uncomfortable.

Dampness bums me out like woah.

Anyway, I’ll definitely not be rejoining the gym. I’m surprised I actually kept my membership so long in the first place.

Saturday, I’m waking up early to hit a yoga class. Hopefully that goes better than elliptical machines did.


2 thoughts on “Nope, I do not miss the gym.

  1. I actually like the elliptical machine but it’s not my first option. I need to be outside and see a tangible distance between my starting point and where I am now. I need scenery!

    I hear you on the boredom. You’re just in one place and it gets very tedious.

    • I just don’t think I’m made for cardio… especially when I’m doing it on my own. I liked my power yoga class when I took it. It combined an elevated heart rate with a bit of strength and flexibility stuff. It’s like multi-tasking for the body!

      I guess I just like spending as little time as possible exercising. Haha.

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