Saturday Yoga.

I did manage to wake myself up for a yoga class on Saturday, despite my sleep being interrupted by a storm. (I did not appreciate that. It was a very loud, bright, scary kind of storm.)

I was very tired, so I was happy that the instructor seemed to feel Hatha Yoga (an easier, slower pace) was what I needed, since it had been so long since I’ve practiced anyway.

It was an awesome class. I sweated a little and being in a group atmosphere made the breathing exercises a little less weird. Though, I do wonder if the class is what made my stomach act up. There were a lot of twists and apparently you aren’t suppose to do those when your digestive system is already, um, overactive? (Oh god, that was probably a TMI — but, ya’ll, I have IBS. Stomach issues are a daily part of life. I’m very sorry if I’ve made myself less dainty or appealing just now.)

Next time I head down, I should probably ask them about that.

I took my Hatha class at Just Plain Yoga in Camp Hill. They were very friendly and I’m glad to have two more classes to take with my Groupon. After those are used up, I’ll have to consider buying a class card.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Yoga.

    • I like this comment. It’s the best comment I probably could have gotten in re: to my IBS.

      You rock too, Mr.Zone.

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