Today is father’s day!

Morning, all! It’s father’s day and I just keep thinking about how rad my dad is most of the time. :)

I was reminiscing with him yesterday at Pizza Hut about one of my favorite memories of him. You see, years ago, I kept him company on a trip to Carlisle Camera. (At least, that’s where he says we went, I don’t remember.) I remember we were starving on the way home, but my daddie only had a few dollars on him. (Like, $5 or so.) You couldn’t buy much food for $5, even back in the 90s.

So, on our way home, we stopped at Pizza Hut. The only thing we could afford was a personal pan pizza. One personal pan pizza.

Now, that might not sound like a big deal to you guys. We’d each have roughly one normal sized piece of pizza, right? Well, my daddie and I usually go. to. town. on Pizza Hut pizza. In fact, most times we have a friendly pizza eating competition. So one tiny pizza was not a meal. And I know it was quite the sacrifice for my dad to eat only half a personal pan pizza.

But the whole thing was really funny. And there was enough pizza in our bellies to at least get us home without having to eat our extremities. It was a good time.

Anywhooooo, he wouldn’t be my daddie without my momma’s involvement… so yay to both of them!

And here’s picture evidence of these two being the best people ever!

Happy Father’s Day, mister!


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