Scratchy cats.

Three cats, three tubes of anti-flea juice, one Christina.

I was successful.
But I’m almost certain I heard LaFonda say, “Et tu, Brute?”

They wouldn’t let me touch them the rest of the night.


3 thoughts on “Scratchy cats.

  1. Fortunately I have not yet had to administer such things to my cat, but she never goes outside. Ever. SO that’s pretty much why I have never bothered with it. Do yours venture into the great outdoors?

    • They don’t go outside, but they do sit in the windowsill. Apparently that’s enough to get a few fleas and a few fleas make them very scratchy. And then there’s three of them, so there’s plenty of kitty skin for these fleas to reproduce on.

      I think I’m going to be an anti-flea juice nazi about this. They’re going to get another good dose September 10th — exactly 30 days after this recent treatment. We’ll do this until they don’t scratch anymore.

      WE SHALL DEFEAT THE FLEAS, whether those kitties like it or not.

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