GI (not Joe)

Today was my lovely appointment with the gastroenterologist. I’m scheduled for a barium x-ray on the 26th and I have to get blood drawn soon. (Probably going to try and get stuck on Wednesday.) I also have a follow up appointment in September.

So, I’ve dodged any probings for the time being (unless they see something terrible on the x-ray). They’ve also prescribed me an antispasmodic too… hopefully that helps with the belly pain that comes with eating.

In other news, I’ve started watching Arrested Development in Netflix. I have a few different series going on Netflix instant. My dad’s been geeking out with me while watching Star Trek (and I’ve introduced him to The IT Crowd and Outsourced). I love the original Star Trek, it’s so cheesy and so awesome (not to mention, it was one of the ways my parent’s successfully got me to sleep back in my babydays).

I really must get rolling on the crochet squares for my Meemaw’s blanket. It’s already August! I’ll never finish by Christmas going at the speed I am now!

I’d like some chamomile tea… but I’m too lazy to make any right now.

Maybe tomorrow night.


8 thoughts on “GI (not Joe)

    • I hope so too. I’m tired of only feeling so-so. I mean, it’s sooooo much better than feeling sick, but it’s still not ideal.

      And yes, I’m only half watching it at the moment… but it’s really good so far. (I’m only half watching because I’m catching up on interwebz things. Very important things.)

    • That’s one of the things they’re testing my blood for. I guess it’s relatively common. I don’t know if there’s treatment or if you can only change your diet… but I think all my favorite foods have gluten in them.

      So, I’m hoping it’s not that?

  1. I hope your test results come back okay too, and that whatever they gave you will help you out! I was having belly problems for awhile and thought I may have had some kind of intolerance for gluten, but I think I was just going through a spell of something because I don’t have those concerns anymore. To think of it though, I barely drink milk now so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were that.

    Either way, it is never fun to constantly be uncomfortable like that so i really hope you get all fixed up soon!

    The blanket i’m working on now seems to be taking FOR EV AR because it’s just one huge granny square and it takes a lot longer to get through the rows now lol! I think when it gets a little colder we will be more inclined to crochet… it just seems like a cold weather activity lol.

    • Thanks. I never drink milk. Straight up milk has never really agreed with me… but cheese? Oh, I love/eat cheese alllll the time!

      Crochet does seem like a cooler weather thing, but I can’t wait until it’s cold! It’ll never get done! Baby blankets are sooooo much easier because they’re sooooo much smaller. Haha.

    • I tried to watch Dr. Who. Maybe I’ll skip the first show. Pilots are almost always awkward, I might have gotten off to the wrong start.

      I hope they can figure it out too. I’d prefer nothing be wrong with me, obviously… but maybe they’ll see something small that would explain it all. (Like a small ulcer or something like that?)

      I had the blood drawn yesterday. Now I just have to hope I’m not allergic to gluten. That would make me very sad.

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