Editted// Oy, it’s gonna take a whole bunch of crochet marathons…

I crocheted for over 6 hours this weekend and I didn’t even get SIX squares completely done! How the hell will I get an entire blanket done by Christmas? Should I abort this pattern and turn my squares into a scarf? Or should I keep pluggin’ away?

Well, shit.

ETA: Good god, I don’t know why this image is upside down, but I can’t seem to rotate it. Also, I had no idea it was so GINORMOUS last night. Maybe I should just delete the whole stupid post. Geez.


4 thoughts on “Editted// Oy, it’s gonna take a whole bunch of crochet marathons…

  1. Don’t give up you can do it! A couple of options that may help:
    Making some squares that are all one color.
    Assembly line things make a whole bunch of centers, then add the next round to all of them, etc. You’ll get really good (and faster) with repetition.
    Mix in some simpler squares of the same size and colors.

    The fun thing about granny square blankets is you can totally mix things up and they still look great. Hope you’re still having fun!

    • I started doing the assembly line thing. It actually helps use the colors more evenly too, I believe.

      I’m in love (LOVE, I tell you!) with the pattern I chose, so I think I’m just gonna be crazy and keep on going. My mother’s poor blanket will just have to wait until I’ve made better progress on this one. She’s been waiting for a while, what’s a few more months?

    • Thanks! I think it’s the loops (the third color out) that takes me so long. I think I might have figured out a small cheat that makes it go just the *tinest* bit faster.

      My wrists always hurt at the end of the night. I need to remember to RELAX them more often.

      I’m going to have to take a better photo. The deep purple looks so blue in that photo. There are so many things wrong with that photo! (First it was ginormous and then I realized it was upside down and now, well, the colors are all wonky!)

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