Let’s just ignore a small fact…

… I’m shopping tomorrow.

Don’t judge. I think one of the first things they told us to do after that tragedy was to shop.

I’m doing my civic duty?
I just want some nail polish from Sephora, ok? And maybe a few new pretties to welcome the coming colder months.

And I think my mom needs shoes.
And my sister needs some business attire for her business classes.

Oh, Cinnabon too. I’m getting one of them before I leave.

I really should buy a desk. Really really. It’s getting ridiculous that I’ve lived in this apartment for a year and I still keep my laptop propped on two empty, plastic CD holder bins. I need to pretend to be a better grown-up.

Anyway, since I can’t escape the date…

I was in Spanish when it happened. I had a class in the computer lab and managed to get to the new sites before my high school blocked access. Then I snuck into the band room to watch it unfold on TV over and over and over. No one really discussed it. I had to wait to get home to find out what was really happening.

Approximately 3 years later, people my age were shipped overseas to fight a war that’s really quite difficult to win via force.
And now more kids (because that’s what everyone who is younger than me is) are over doing the same.

They’re brave people.
I wish the world would stop fighting so much.
It’s so wasteful.


5 thoughts on “Let’s just ignore a small fact…

  1. Cinnabon is exactly what this country needs.

    I wish all the people who want to fight each other could go somewhere away from everyone else and do it. Like Antarctica. Or hell.

    Thanks for doing your duty.

    • Cinnabon is exactly what everyone needs. You can’t be angry while eating (or even smelling) an ooey gooey cinnamon roll. Mmmm.

      But I agree. It would be nice to send all the angry, hateful people to a place far far away. Preferably on an icy cold planet somewhere a few lightyears away. It needs to be *just* warm enough to sustain life & it should have a life sustaining atmosphere… but none of that silly “burn up space rocks in the atmosphere” nonsense our own planet affords us.

  2. No one should ever be ashamed of Sephora shopping visits.

    It’s really interesting to me to hear the different stories of kids who were in school back then and how every seemed to react differently to it. It sucks that no one discussed it with you guys. I had one or two teachers try and ignore it and pretend it was business as usual, but that didn’t work. Luckily, most of my teachers either had the TV on or talked about it with us.

    This country has changed so, so much since 9/11. I hear people say things like, “If you didn’t live in NYC during 9/11, it shouldn’t affect you,” and I’m like, seriously? It changed our entire country. We’re still fighting all these wars and there’s so much fear and paranoia now,especially when you think how it was in the 90s.

    • Oh god, I love Sephora. If I were a looooot richer, I could do some real damage in that store. Through nail polish and perfume alone.

      I almost spent $10 on a nifty little travel/trial deodorant. There’s something about that place that makes me think my armpits deserve luxury.

      The country has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Some of the changes were not necessarily good, but the whole “it can happen anywhere” was probably a dose of reality we needed. That said, I’m sure people in NYC (and DC) were much more directly affect by it… everyone watching felt horrible all the same.

  3. Yes, I agree with Jenny. It changed the United States forever. Now we know how vulnerable we are. Before we felt safe. The events of that day are forever sketched into my memory. 9/11 was the most tragic day that this country had known…when we were hit on our soil…when such enormous damage was done and so many people died.

    Sephora shopping is the best…it helps with any mood :) We just got a full Sephora store in our mall. Yah!! Enjoy. We have dwelled so long on the sadness. Time to feel some lightness of heart.

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