The Weekend.

I had a friend come visit this weekend! (She’s pretty rad. I’m glad she wanted to hang out!)

Sunday we went to Gallery Walk in Harrisburg. (There were two places in particular which were most enjoyable.)

Saturday, we did a little bit of shopping. We also went to Armstrong Valley Winery. I bought THREE bottles of wine.

The grapes were so pretty.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend.

    • It was a lot of fun.

      The first thing I said to my sister when we approached the grapes was “don’t eat any!” But it was really really tempting. I think if you ate any, the zillion stray kittens there would have chased you down and made you wish you were never born.

      Ok, there weren’t a zillion. I think they said there were 25? Still, I’m sure they are the grape protectors.

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