30 Day Photostyle Challenge :: Week 1

Here’s a compilation of days 1-6.

Day 1 : Self-portrait

Ok, so... I sort of forgot I was starting this today. Yes, this is a webcam shot. Yes, that's probably cheating. I apologize. I will not use a webcam for the others. Promise...

Day 2 : What I wore

My favorite shoes... which are dying. (I need to get a replacement pair.) and my scrunchy Avon top. <3

Day 3 : Clouds

Clouds. That's all I could see...

Day 4 : Favorite color

I like blue. And greens. And pinks. And Yellows. I really just like color. Period.

Day 5 : Someone I love

I guess this is the "grandparents in heaven" edition. These are photos from photos... From top to bottom: Pappy and Chrissy. Grandma and Chrissy. Peepaw and Chrissy. (Of course, I love the living Meemaw. I've discovered I need to take more photos of people I love outside of Allison.)

Day 6 : Childhood memory

This is Puffy. Puffy is my best friend from when I was just a wee little girl. My parents tried to replace Puffy with a Puffy Replica, but Puffy II wasn't as dirty and was rejected. Today, I love both Puffies, but this is the original, floppy, dirty Puffy. <3


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