30 Day Photostyle Challenge :: Week 2

I’m a little bit behind. We’re just gonna start the next week tomorrow. Yep yep?

Day 7 : Something new

I went to a Miche party with the intention of buying a wallet... maybe. Instead, I accidentally had too much fun and bought a very serious, professional purse. It's purdy.

Day 8 : Technology

My very dusty keyboard. I should prooooobably clean it.

Day 9 : Faceless self portrait

I've always been a little too attached to my hair. It's part of my "image," whatever that is.

Day 10 : Something I made

The granny squares for my top secret project. I need to make a zillion more. :-D

Day 11 : Something fun

My across-the-hall neighbors are a momma and her cutie-pie son. They decorated their door for Halloween!

Day 12 : Close up


Day 13 : From a distance

Fluffy. From a distance. Because that's the only way to stay safe.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Photostyle Challenge :: Week 2

  1. Your purse is very attractive. I love the color! Each of your pictures is interesting. I imagine it might be difficult to take a self portrait without showing your face!

    I love your comment about the picture of your cat :)

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