Happy Holidays.

Here I am, at work until 7. It seems the days move more slowly the closer you get to getting a damn break. (I won’t be able to say "as slow as molasses in January" anymore because my sister enlightened me to The Great Molasses Flood of 1919. Life will never be the same again.)

I’m ready for Christmas. I have my gifties wrapped and everything is ready to go. I just have to squeeze in all the festivities. Thankfully, Christmas is falling on a Sunday this year… which means I get Monday off! (Squee!) I’m not doing anything on Monday. (Unless I decide to be crazy and I go shopping. I will probably try to hold off though. Post-Christmas shopping is nearly as insane as Black Friday shopping.)

I have my ugly sweater on. I guess I’ll have to post an update later on with the photo. I don’t know how to post from my email and keep any kind of formatting in the body of my post. Whatever. It’ll just have it’s own post. It deserves to have it’s own post. Though, my photo is a mirror shot… if you’re friends with me on FB, I think you can see better photos on there.

Anyway, just a quick update to keep my posts up-to-date and let you all know I’ve not died in the Christmas/Holiday Depths of Stress.


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