The “stuff” post!

This Christmas was pretty nice. Low key and laid back. (Well, except for the wrapping job I was given Christmas Eve.)

Here is what I got:

An awesome t-shirt from my sister.

SARK’s Journal and Play!book from my Momma.

Bed sheets from my Daddie.

Water bottle from… Santa? I forget. :-/

Fancy tea & Blueberry Girl. :)

A couple things. Two bookmarks (one says “Keep calm and eat a Cupcake.”), Smokin’ Seventeen, a desktop aquarium, To Kill A Mockingbird,the newest Coldplay CD, a magnet, giftcard, deodorant, and booklight.

And finally…

A ballerina towel set.


2 thoughts on “The “stuff” post!

  1. I got deodorant, too! Plus a sixpack of Irish Spring. I hope it’s just that I’m beyond the age when I want or need further electronics. “Amazon Gift Card? Done. CRAP! Soap?”

    I’m just happy not to be yarkish.

    Glad you had a good Christmas, Ms <3

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