Two thousand twelve.

New Years Resolitions, the 2012 edition.


4 thoughts on “Two thousand twelve.

  1. [this is good] I struggle with #2 myself. Oftentimes when I say I’m happy for someone, I mean actually say it to their faces that I’m happy for them…I’m really not. Especially if I’m lacking in whatever they have. I’ve got to work on that.

  2. I can’t see the list! Oh wait, there it is. I couldn’t see it on the main blog page.

    I like 3. And 8, of course. Wait. WHY ISN’T VISIT DC MORE ON YOUR LIST?! :D


      I’m most excited about #3. I might as well sign up for the pottery class up the road (in Sunbury). It’s the cheapest and most laid back setting I’ve found.

      I think pottery would be the most fun because it’s also the messiest thing I can think of off the top of my head. Not to mention, visiting Sunbury would be something new for me. I don’t usually head up that way. Maybe it’s lovely!

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