Culinary resolutions.

I realized there were some resolutions I didn’t include on my list yesterday. Incidentally, most had to do with food. To make things simpler and better, I made a separate list of resolutions for culinary pursuits.


4 thoughts on “Culinary resolutions.

  1. #1 – Tofu is gooood! I like to make tofu scramble and put all kinds of veggies in it. That way you can accomplish #3 and #7, too!

    #5 – As an aspiring baker, I can only say YES! Cakes are the easiest way to put a smile on people’s faces.

    • How do I do that? Tofu kind of scares me a little ’cause it’s like a flavor sponge, from what I’ve read. It’s flavorless?

      I’ve really been slacking in the baking department. I have that KitchenAid and everything!

      • I can no longer recall which base recipe it was that I adapted from, but basically you’d need onion and garlic and once that turns transparent, you can add whatever you wish. I like bell peppers, asparagus, and mushroom (you don’t have to use shiitake. White/button mushrooms are yum). You can also use spinach. Haven’t tried that myself but I love spinach so it should be good. I think snap peas should be good too. Mmm, snap peas. And corn! Why not corn?

        Go crazy. Put any veg you wish. After adding all your veg, that’s when you put the sauce. Since tofu is Asian-y, most recipes out there tend to suggest soy sauce. You don’t have to put that if you don’t want to. Oyster sauce is a good substitute. Or you could omit that altogether and simply use your spices and herbs. Cumin is delicious. Just make sure it’s not cinnamon. ;) As for herbs, I just use Italian herbs which I believe are composed of marjoram, basil, red bell peppers, rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme. Or you just use oregano or parsley, if you only have either.

        If you think you’d prefer something more akin to the texture of eggs, use extra-firm tofu. I prefer soft silken tofu myself. It breaks apart though, and you don’t want them too mince-y, so be gentle with the stirring if you’re using silken tofu. Silken tofu, however, will release a lot of water. So my tofu scramble kinda becomes tofu soup. I like it though, so I’m sticking with it. Hehe.

        Tofu scramble can be bland if you don’t put enough flavours for it to soak in. So be generous with the flavours but don’t forget to taste-test as you go.

        Good luck! And for pete’s sake, snap a photo before devouring it! :P

        • I am sooooo bad at remembering to take photos! I know that photos make blog posts (especially about food) WAY better. I need to work on that.

          I guess the extra firm doesn’t release as much water? I don’t really think I’m ready for tofu soup, lol. (And, also, I guess I don’t need to press out the water if I’m scrambling?)

          That recipe sounds flavorful enough and easy enough. I wish I had read my comments this morning. I was at a huge grocery store today which would have definitely had tofu options. Hopefully I can find a local grocery store smart enough to stock a variety of tofus.

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