Lazy Sundays.

I’m watching part of “Breaking the Mayan Code” this morning. It’s a documentary about deciphering the Mayan glyphs. It reminds me why I don’t appreciate religious missionaries and crusaders. They tried to wipe out an entire culture to convert people to “the way” and so their glyphs were banned and their writings destroyed.

Oh, people are so frustrating. We should learn about each other, not change each other!

(Edited to add: Human sacrifice is bad… but let’s face it, it’s historically part of many major religions.)

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a documentary. I forgot how fascinating this stuff can be!


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sundays.

  1. I’ve found that my favorite things to watch are like FBI shows, or Disappeared. But then again.. when I watch them I tend to get kind of freaked out by it too.. i’m so weird!

    • Haha, I totally understand! When I was younger, I watched “Unsolved Mysteries” and it both entertained and terrified me!

      I’m seriously a dork when it comes to documentaries about ancient cultures and the development of religions. Right now I have a documentary about Mary Magdalene playing in the background.

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