I’m having a hard time finding the bright side today.

It’s probably because it’s super cloudy.
And drizzly.

Oh, and it’s Monday, which is never a fun time (unless you have an odd work schedule — in that case, YAY, IT’S MONDAY!).

My belly hurt this morning, too. It was compounded by weird looking yogurt (which I don’t think was actually bad, but it weirded me out enough that me eating it sorta grossed me out). I don’t think I’ll eat the weird yogurt tomorrow. I don’t know why it was so… lumpy-like. The use-by date was February 28th and it seemed to have been sealed just fine. *shrugs*

Anyway, tomorrow is suppose to be fun! Macbeth — drama and murder and insanity! I should probably give ol’ Sparknotes a quick read to refresh my memory. I just hope I manage to stay awake for the whole thing. I’ve been tired for a week. I don’t know if it’s a funk or if I’m just not sleeping well or if it’s the weather, but I am tired all the time.

I guess I should start taking the vitamin B tablets I bought ages ago to see if they boost my mood and my energy. I get at least 6 hours of sleep a night, lately… which is much better than I had been getting before the Xanax, but I don’t feel like it’s enough. And I just feel so unmotivated! (Even to knit, which I thought was because I knitted and crocheted SO MUCH right before Christmas, but maybe I’m just unmotivated in general.)

I need to do these things:

  • Fill out and drop off a volunteer app for the local library. (I could see, this way, if I’d ever want to be a librarian given my love of books.)
  • Start in on my yoga socks again. (They keep your feet all nice and cozy, but your toes aren’t all confined!)
  • Hang more art/motivational sayings. (I feel like my nesting instinct, not pregnancy induced — just "make this feel like home" induced, has taken a nose dive in just the past few days.)
  • Get a good night’s sleep. (I know I don’t have a LOT of control over this, but I really need to do everything I can to sleep a full 8 hours one of these nights.)
  • Start/finish at least one more scarf for the Special Olympics.

Today’s probably a good day for me to search for motivational words to hang in my hallway. I need to read things that inspire… though everything sounds hollow to me. (I suppose that means if something really strikes me as awesome, it’s definitely awesome and it’s cutting through my gloom.)

Hurry up, spring. I need some warm weather and sunshine!


3 thoughts on “I’m having a hard time finding the bright side today.

  1. i had today off! But only because we were in a car accident this past friday :/ we’re all okay, it was pretty rough though, and we’re all sore… just need to get at least a weeks worth of rest.

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