Sugar and a Pedi.

Tomorrow, I’ve got an appointment for a pedicure and a sugaring (rather than waxing) for my german-lady upper lip.

Weeee, I’m gonna feel pretty!
Well, I hope anyway.


2 thoughts on “Sugar and a Pedi.

  1. yeah for pampering!!!! i can’t get a pedicure. my left foot has had infected toenails for years and I cannot get rid of them but i’m too afraid to take toxic pills!!! maybe i just haven’t been persistent enough with home remedies/more natural ones, but i really hope to indulge in that some day.. :( it seriously is terribly awkward when someone invites me to a pedicure and I have to say no. but a manicure… i will take one of those any day! haha :)

    Have an amazing day with your pedi and other girly procedures! lol!

  2. My toes got painted blue. (A pretty, light, robin’s egg/seafoam blue.) It was quite nice.

    And the lip sugaring was so easy! They used some kind of sugaring stuff that felt like they were working silly putty into your face and then they’d just flick their wrist and the hair would get pulled out. It hardly hurt at all! I highly recommend it.

    I think maybe I’ll have to get a manicure next time. It looks like a hand massage might be part of that deal.

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