My body doesn’t believe in sleep anymore.

I’ve been waking up pretty consistently at 4:30. It doesn’t matter when I go to sleep, 4:30 is when I wake up. It’s kind of awful.

Also, my keyboard’s been throwing fits lately and I don’t know if it’s Firefox or my laptop freaking out. I should switch more consistently to Safari and see if the problem improves. Firefox has  been freezing up on me a lot lately.

My computer just randomly loses internet connection too. I have a scan running right now because it’s almost like Windows forgets my theme too. The bar turns blue instead of green and my internet disappears. Very strange.

I was going to write about my pedicure and my lip sugaring, but it just never happened. Here’s what you need to know: It happened. It was lovely. My lip fur is gone and my lip is cold when I breathe through my nose. It’s weird what a little blond lip fur can do.


4 thoughts on “My body doesn’t believe in sleep anymore.

  1. HUH! I seriously wanna try that sugaring thing. If only I could get a good recommendation of a place that actually does it in my area haha! I’m glad you loved it :)

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