Valentine’s Day 2012

Is it weird that I was a little scared when the flower lady said these were for me? I was so relieved it was my baby sister who sent them. I didn’t want any surprise admirers!

So, anyway, she’s so sweet! I’m not use to her doing nice things like this. Haha.

I got my (tiny) tax return today. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. Usually I buy myself a little treat, you know, for being awesome… but I’m broke 90% of the time lately… so I’m wondering if I shouldn’t save most of it for expenses like therapy.

And I’m glad I typed that. I wanted to google something on my phone today once I got to work… and my mind was completely blank until I got there. I wanted to google “homemade jewelry cleaner.” My last tax-return ring is tarnished. :(


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