President’s Day.


I had training all day today. I had to get up an hour earlier than usual (something I use to do all the time and no longer now how to do) and, in all, I ended up “working” longer than a usual Monday. Banking. Federal Regulations. It’s all very dull.

I don’t remember how I ever managed a 5:30 alarm before. How did I do that? I did it for 5 years! (But today’s alarm was greeted immediately by the f-word.)

It gave me a lot of time to doodle (to stay awake and engaged) and contemplate life. Has anyone created a time machine yet? Sometimes I wonder if I should go back in time and maybe give 18-year-old-me some advice. (Hint: Do not declare a major your first year at HACC. Maybe take a year off. Definitely take classes in English, Women Studies, Photography and Art History. Skip graphic design, but take typography. Go from there. Best idea ever? Become a women in art writer!)

Anyway, as a reward for successfully surviving training, I bought myself some delicious beer and a Panera sandwich and soup. Then I came home and watched “Terry Jones: The Surprising History of Sex and Love.” It was pretty interesting. We’ve really manage to muck up our perception of sex and love quite a bit as we’ve become “more civilized.”


2 thoughts on “President’s Day.

    • Maybe it’s because I hated web design so much… but that’s the only branch of graphic design that seemed to have any openings after I graduated.

      I didn’t like it and I wasn’t good at it. It was not a good match for me. Haha.

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