The sadness of white iPhones.

It’s official, my mom has a cooler phone than I do.
But whatever, most of you already know this. And she deserves it because she’s waaaaay overdue for a phone upgrade.

We ate at Red Lobster before picking out mom’s new phone. I got the Maine Lobster & Shrimp Trio.

You guys, the macaroni and cheese? Oh my goodness, so so good. I haven’t looked up the calorie counts or anything. I’m certain it’s worth it though! All cheesy and bacony and shrimpy. Yum.

That is all. I just came online to tell you all to eat the delicious mac and cheese at Red Lobster. That is all.

Now I’m going to go peek at the nutritional information.
((Edited to add: Only 810 calories! I thought it would be more!))


5 thoughts on “The sadness of white iPhones.

  1. I’m pretty sure the “large” size of mac and cheese at panara (which is amazing) is about 1000 calories. It’s so good though. And that doesn’t even include the bread that goes with it! I still get it about once or twice a month though.. :P

  2. That looks so good! way worth the calories. Also, i have a white phone.. Had a black one, then went to android and now i have an iphone again because its the only phone i truly love :)

    • I just bought an iPad, but I got it in black. I’m saving the whiteness for my phone. My current phone is white. It’ll make the transition easier. Lol.

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