3 days.

This is my 3rd day off work. I’m hoping it’s my last.

I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it seems to be for days on end. I mean, I guess if you’re gonna do something, you gotta do it all the way.

I’m really bummed out about it today, though. I woke up and thought, YAY! I FEEL BETTER! And then I nearly passed out in my shower. (I grabbed a towel and dove on my bed. Luckily I did not pass out and my vision came back immediately following bed contact.)

I’m on antibiotics since Tuesday night. I think I passed the buck to my dad. (Hopefully he doesn’t get it nearly as bad as I did, or he’ll have to relax a few days.)

I just don’t know where I picked it up! Was it someone’s dirty money? Did someone sneeze on me when I saw Spamalot? Why is it taking so long to get out of me? WHY AM I WOOZY? I DON’T LIKE SEEING STARS! I JUST WANTED TO SHOWER! I JUST WANTED TO USE THE MONEY COUNTER!

So, whatever, I’m sitting upright in hopes that my heart relearns how to pump blood to my brain. I’ll have to force down some food this afternoon. (More than I did yesterday, apparently.) And I guess I’ll use this time to proof the paper that’s in my inbox from Justin. I think I have enough brain power for that. I am feeling better, minus the almost-fainting spells. And my general sleepiness.


2 thoughts on “3 days.

  1. Whoa! That sounds bad if you nearly passed out in the shower. You went to the doctor, right? Maybe you should go again. I hope you feel better soon :(

    • I had gone to the doctor after work on Tuesday. I was (finally) fine today. (Just tired after going all the way to Mechanicsburg for lunch and nail polish, haha.) I worked for 4 hours today too.

      I think the passing out thing was a last minute fluke? Freaked me out quite thoroughly though.

      And I took my last dose of antibiotics tonight! Thank god.

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