Things that do not help my insomnia.

I just noticed that my wake-up times lately have been coinciding with an increased amount to traffic outside.

This is also a reason I don’t sleep when I’m in a city.

It’s almost as if the walls and the windows of my apartment don’t block any of the road noise. So as soon as people start heading out for work (which seems to be 5:30/6:00), my eyes pop open and it’s too noisy to fall back asleep.

This may (partially) explain why I sleep SO MUCH BETTER in my old room at my parent’s house. They’re off the main road. Not nearly as much road noise there.

I guess if I move again, I’ll have to pick a place a little further from the beaten path.

Because I’m getting tired of being tired.


6 thoughts on “Things that do not help my insomnia.

  1. My apartment complex is on a busy road that feeds I-275. However, I’m alllllllllll the way in the back, a half mile from 4th St, and I face away from the parking lot. Sometimes the ducks and mockingbirds get a little rowdy, but it’s quiet enough. Good for day sleeping.

    • Mockingbirds! That’s the super cheery bird that I wanted to suffocate when I visited Eric! Singing so early in the morning! WHAT? WHO DOES THAT?

  2. :\ I’m lucky that my complex is quiet. I’m very sensitive to noise and that would drive me crazy. Would maybe getting one of those white noise fans help?

    • I usually have a fan/my humidifier running. I’ve found that closing up the windows out front helps muffle the noise a *little.* Also, I slept well last night when I fell asleep to ocean noises.

      But, yeah… it’s not like I live in a busy town. I guess I was spoiled by living off the main road for so long.

  3. The front of our house is towards the busy road, but even still, a bit creeps into the back. We use a fan for background noise and it helps keep it cool for me, because I sleep really hot. Might want to try a fan or some other kind of background/white noise to see if it helps.

    • I usually have a fan or something running that provides white noise. I don’t know. I think listening to the ocean noises on my iPod helped last night. I use to fall asleep to the TV, so maybe I need controllable noise to drown out the traffic noise.

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