“We sure could use a Dodge right now.”

Did anyone else see the horrendous Dodge ad during the Kentucky Derby. The one where the woman is thanking her husband for preserving his pretty pride over preserving her sanity?

It was something like,
“Thank you for refusing help while we were going through a rough patch, even from family members. You’re right, having a truck means employment. I don’t know why I worry so. Maybe because I don’t want to lose the house and I want to make sure the kids are fed, but whatever — not important!”

I mean, it was truly awful and kind of insulting, really. I mean, if I was unemployed, it would have pissed me off quite a bit. It made me angry and I’m employed.

It was just so… dumb! Maybe this is why I have a Toyota. These kinds of commercials, oh, and the excellent gas mileage despite my car’s 12 years of existence.


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