I guess I should update.

I had a week off and it was fabulous. We went, as a family, to the beach and did not kill each other. Basically, it was a success.

Our first day, we stopped at the outlets and did some shopping. I decided that Banana Republic was going to be my one vacation splurge. (Rather than a purse from Coach, I bought a few really nice wardrobe pieces.)

I am a little sad that I did not buy these white jeans. I don’t think I even bothered to put them on. I had a pair of white dress pants on my “try on” pile and I decided that white dress pants were more practical/wearable than white jeans. Now I really want a pair of white jeans. Perhaps I will look for a cheaper pair elsewhere — Target or Old Navy…

I bought myself, in addition to the white dress pants, a pair of cropped jeans (with a rolled up hem. I’m wearing them now and I love them), a green tank top, and a standard green half-sleeve. sweater. When I type it out like that it doesn’t seem like a lot. Shoot. Anyway, I paid a little over $100 for all that. At the time it seemed like a good deal. Maybe I’m forgetting to list something. Haha.

Then, at the beach, my goal was to create a nice little care package for Tom. I did that. I need to send it soon. (I promise it’s coming, Tom! I found a box, so I need to stuff it, wrap it in brown paper, address it and ship it out. Hopefully I will get most of that done tomorrow.) I can’t tell what’s in it because then it wouldn’t be a surprise for him. Surprises are fun!

OH! I just remembered! I got a super cute black t-shirt too! I should just take pictures of it all at some point. It’s too hop to wear any sort of sleeves right now. At least not while I’m not at work.

Oh, work tomorrow. Back to reality. Reality is too real, you guys.

The beach was really nice. After the first afternoon, the weather was almost perfect. We got some fabulous time for the pool and some good tanning time, though I don’t tan. I managed to avoid burning, for the most part. Allison tried to turn herself into toast, but I’m happy to say no one buttered her. That would have been awkward.

Oh, and I bought a unicorn kite. I need to fly it sometime soon. :)

But anyway. This was a silly frivolous post. I forget why I really started it. I bought things — that’s basically the point.


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