We interrupt this art nerdiness to bring you a real life update.

Guess what? I slept in today! Not exactly world changing, but exciting to me, none the less.

Everyone should read “Sacre Bleu.” It’s a very clever, sometimes dirty book that gives a new, fictional spin on art… Specifically the Impressionists. The book is all about the color blue. Ultramarine blue. The sacred blue. There’s beautiful women and a twisted, broken man and Mr. Toulouse-Lautrec plays a big roll. He is awesome in real life and in fiction.

I was sad when I finished reading it. You guys ever get that feeling where you’re sad when you finish a good book? I finished this book on Thursday, I think. Since Tom tells me I can keep it, I probably will and then I’ll probably reread it.

So, listen Tom, if you want it back so you can reread it, let me know. I’ll mail it back to you. Maybe you never reread books. I have a habit of rereading the ones I really like. I might reread Lamb before it gets too close to Christmas. Something about reading a satirical book about the life of Christ too close to Christmas… I don’t know, it seems like maybe I’m pushing it too much. I don’t want to be smited by Christmas. That would be terrible.

That reminds me. 12/21/12 is approaching quickly. Unless there is an approaching asteroid no one is telling us about or Israel (or Romney, lets face it) decides to start a nuclear with Iran, I think we’re going to make it to 2013. Since the nuclear war thing is always a possibly, though, perhaps I should not reread Lamb at all until the danger’s passed. It would be a bummer to die, go to heaven and be told I’m not allowed in because my bookshelf is full of horrendous books and did I really have to read a book that jokes about the Son of God?

Though I think God has a sense of humor, so maybe he’d ask to borrow the book himself. And if I ever met Jesus, I’d tell him I always thought it was super selfish for people to be like, “I’m saved because Jesus died for ME!” It’s one of my sticking points with Christianity. No personal responsibility for choices made beyond choosing Jesus as The Light and The God. I think Jesus was an incredible man, his life can teach us many things, but I would never want or ask anyone to die for me and I certainly wouldn’t celebrate it. I know he was all, “Hey guys, remember me? I died three days ago, but death couldn’t contain me.” and that’s what we celebrate, but still. He didn’t want to die. He sweated blood over it, guys. I’m fairly certain that sweating blood is indicative of the biggest and scariest panic attack ever. He was, at best, a semi-willing pawn in the sin game. Everyone should be responsible for their choices, so it doesn’t seem right that someone can be a bully for Jesus and still get past the pearly gates, especially considering he wasn’t a big fan of being killed in the first place. (Because you can believe something to your bones and still do wretched things like bully gay teenagers to suicide and whatnot.)

But yeah, that’s always my biggest beef. Just like I think it’s a little nuts that a religion was developed by a man who almost made his son a human sacrifice. I don’t think I’d take spiritual advice from a man who nearly slaughtered his son. But that’s just me. I suppose back in those days other religions regularly made human sacrifices, so it probably didn’t seem so off the wall then.

Good god, this has gone all over the place. Why did I originally come here to type? Slept in, good book, Jesus, hmmm… OH! I’m making mac and cheese today for lunch! I was sooooo hungry for stewed tomatoes. What else can you put stewed tomatoes on? Nothing! Only mac and cheese, duh.

Actually, I’m sure that’s not true, but cheese and pasta are my two favorite food groups and I haven’t cooked in a long time. I borrowed a cookbook and found this recipe inside in and thought, shit… Let’s get back to cooking with a classic! I even shredded the cheese myself last night! I mean business, obviously.

It’s almost 10 am. I’d better get out of bed and showered so I have time to make lunch and then do laundry. Oh, this freakin’ weekend always goes too quickly.

I should probably change my sheets too. It’s probably been a while. Ew.


5 thoughts on “We interrupt this art nerdiness to bring you a real life update.

  1. The Penis. ;)

    I’m glad you liked “SacrevBleu.” It seened like a Christina <3 book, and you may keep it–and all the stewed tomatoes on the planet–forever and ever, Amen.

    • It really does melt better, but it’s so much work for every day dishes. Sundays are lazy and therefore special, so I shredded the cheese. So. Much. Cheese.

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