I’ve Been Busy… Neglecting My Blog

Hi everyone,

It’s been two months. I need to be better at this. Posting would be a lot easier if I had wifi at work and could use my iPad, but that’s a lousy excuse.

Truth is, I’ve been busy. I spent three recent Sundays in a row watching Monthy Python at The Elks Theater. (It was Pythonfest and featured: Search for the Holy Grail, Life of Brian (my favorite) and Meaning of Life.)

I’ve also been going out and trying new beers. (I’m christinaheart on the Untappd app if you’d like to stalk my beer drinking.)

I’ve also attended some tea parties. I made my first real tea purchase this weekend. I must remember to make some of the good stuff tomorrow for work. I need a pick me up at work and if Valentine’s Day isn’t a good enough reason to make delicious tea, I don’t know what is.

I’ve also been at the gym as many times as possible. I usually stick to the elliptical, but last night I tried spinning (the cycling kind, not the yarn kind) for the first time. I feel like I’ve been punched in the vagina, but it was fun otherwise.

I need to start training for the two 5Ks I’m planning to sign up for. (The Jersey Mike Memorial Rock + Run 5K in Harrisburg and the Color Me Rad 5K in Bethlehem are tucked nicely in spring. I don’t think I could run any distance in the summer.) I really don’t like running, guys. There’s too much gravity involved. But the Jersey Mike run is for a good cause and the Color Me Rad is so, well, colorful! I just have to do it, you guys.

That’s what I’ve been up to.
How’s it been in your world?


3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy… Neglecting My Blog

  1. I need to update my blog too. I’ve been so bad about it!

    Spinning class sounds like a blast. I had a friend from my marathon training days who said that one hour of spin class was harder than her actual marathon. So I’ve been interested in seeing what it’s about.

    You can do a 5K! Just take your time and take in the sights. My dad and I did that for the last race we ran together…didn’t even care about our time, just ran slowly and enjoyed what was going on around us. It was one of my favorite races!

    • My spin class was definitely easier than a marathon. Hell, it was easier for me than running a mile.

      She must have taken the most intense spin class ever!

      I worry about the 5K because I tried running recently and I did 2 miles in half an hour and thought I was going to die. I need to start running. A 5K on an elliptical would be a breeze!

  2. i also need to blog more, but really twitter is MUCH more my speed these days.

    I tappd you. Although I have a hard time being social on there. It’s a means to cross-posting and following the beers i’ve tried.

    5k is easy! go at your own pace. Hardest part is the start. So MANY people. Enjoy it.

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