Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

You guys may or may not know this about me, but I love bread and cheese.
(And pasta, but that doesn’t really apply to this story.)

When I’m hungry and I don’t have a lot of time to spare (or when I’m hangry and if I don’t eat something soon I will explode into rage), I will make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.

I don’t care how fancy you are, a good grilled cheese sandwich should make you so happy inside you could burst into rainbows. (Well, unless you are lactose intolerance or allergic to dairy or wheat.) My trick is: always use more than one kind of cheese. Shredded melts better, but sliced will do.

Putting a lid on the pan will speed the melting process, or you can nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds to get it gooey. Whatever you do, DO NOT BURN THE BREAD!

You have to be careful. I’ve burned a few sandwiches. They are not rainbow bursters. No no no. You have to get the bread that it’s just perfectly toasty brown. This is why the heat should be at medium and why you need to have some patience sometimes. Eat a few pickles while you wait so you don’t die of hunger.

So yes, the rules are:

  1. Always use more than one kind of cheese.
  2. Shredded is best, but not compulsory.
  4. Use real butter. Not margarine.
  5. Have pickles handy.

Anywho, that’s for your basic, delicious, no frills grilled cheese.

If you want to get fancy, and sometimes I do, you can add delicious things like dijon or spicy mustard to the inside of your bread. Roasted red peppers are delicious and easy. I’ve heard you can replace your butter with mayo, but I’ve never tried that. I plan on doing it soon, though. You can add meats like ham (Ham and cheese, duh.) or pepperoni (Mmmm. Dip it in sauce!) or whatever you like. I usually do something along those lines. Turkey (unless it’s super flavored) is sort of bland, so I don’t recommend that.

Oh, you could use pesto, mozzarella, provolone and tomato! Or Salami! Tapenade and cheese! I don’t know how it would work out, but I’m sure you could incorporate pickles into it somehow. Pickles are delicious.

Banana peppers! Sauteed mushrooms! Grilled onions! The possibilities are endless!

My most recent creation was this delicious piece of yum:

Red pepper and dijon grilled cheese

It was just two slices of oatmeal bread buttered on one side and dijoned on the other. You lay the buttered side down in a hot (medium heat) skillet and top one side with jarred red peppers and provolone and the other side with sharp cheddar. Put a lid on the pan (or a large plate) and let the cheese get all melty, checking periodically that the bread is not burning. Once the bread is toasted and the cheese is melty, flip one side on top of the other, press down and transfer to a plate.

I swear by cutting your sandwich diagonally (I want to type Diagon Alley because I’m reading Harry Potter at the moment). I think it makes it more delicious and easier to eat, but you may do whatever you please.

Now, you! Go make me a sandwich!


One thought on “Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  1. I LOVE grilled cheese sandwcihes! It’s so un-Asian of me, but I do eat a lot of non-Asian food. Yours looks soooooo delicious! I like mine stuffed too. I usually use shredded mozzarella and I’ve added turkey bacon or fried egg in mine. Agree on real butter. Real butter always and forever!

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