Quick bullet list update!

Since my last post or so:

    It was my sister’s birthday. Because of this, we’re going to Lancaster tomorrow to hit up Sephora!

    I’ve taken a Pilates class and a R.I.P.P.E.D. class. The Pilates, I liked. The R(etc), not so much. I do much better and am much happier with slow, controlled movements to work my muscles. This muscle confusion stuff doesn’t work out well for me.

    I’ve decided that, since I liked Pilates and I know I like Yoga, I’m going to try a PiYo class Monday night at the East Shore YMCA. They have a fantastic class schedule, so I’m sure I’ll be traveling to Harrisburg quite a few times.

    I made my first Pinterest failure. PB cookies. They taste like… blandness. From now on I will not trust PB cookie recipes with less than a cup of PB. Even if there is cream cheese also. (I thought, how can one go wrong with a stick of butter and cream cheese? Turns out, one can easily go wrong.)

    I’m “running” my first 5K tomorrow morning! Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day. I’m running with Dustin tomorrow, shopping after with Allison, and then hanging with Dustin again that evening! Super excited about all of it.

    Actually, this weekend’s gonna be busy. I’m even doing a Cinco de Mayo thing Sunday. This is me being a social butterfly rather than a social pariah.

I’ll try and actually update again before May’s over!


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