My dear friend Dustin makes music. He just released a new single. You should go listen… and while you’re in the music listening stage, check out his other songs here: http://www.reverbnation.com/dustinisenberg

Ok, go now. <3



Check out the new song: WHO WE ARE 

A new song has been released to all of you wonderful people! I’m so glad (through all the hard work I’ve been doing over the last year and a half) you can finally hear some of the new tunes. The new single is “Who We Are” and it is probably the most proud I’ve ever been of a song. I’ve always told people I am most myself when I am doing music and hopefully it rings true in this song because I poured my heart and soul into it. The inspiration for this came at a time when I started noticing the interaction and unfortunate, hideous side of those who choose to belittle the possibility of a knowledge that seems foreign to them. This world has become so enraptured in singling out people who go against tradition that we seem to…

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