Mid May Day.

Good evening, folks.

Since my last real update, I’ve run my first 5K and also buggered up my left leg now. Running and I don’t get along. I love moving and being outside and getting that time to myself, but my shins/ankles/knees don’t like the pounding of pavement. They need to get with it, because running is like yoga but more violent feeling.

I also tried the PiYo class. I’m not sold on it. I might give it a shot again next week or so before I totally write it off, but I don’t see us being long term partners. It requires too much quick movements into balance.

Pilates, however, is awesome and I love it. I’ve yet to try my local class. Maybe this Monday I’ll do it. The class doesn’t start until 7:15, so it’s a bit inconvenient in my neck of the woods, but the drive is much shorter. Always a trade off.

I’m also not sold on RIPPED, but I feel no need to try that one again.

My sister clued me in on the arc trainer. Holy hell, that burn calories SO WELL. I’ve never sweat so much in 30 minutes in my life. And it looks so easy! I don’t even have the intensity up halfway and sometimes I feel like I might die — but in a good way.

I tried a 20 minute HIIT routine in my living room. I’ve no idea how anyone could possibly survive an hour long class. Also, my downstairs neighbor probably hates me now, but I say that just makes us even.

This weekend, the new Star Trek movie comes out. My dad and I have a sushi and a movie date for Saturday afternoon. I’m pretty excited. The movie looks good and, well, Chris Pine. (Yum.)

And that’s my quick update. I’m pretty tired. I barely slept last night. (I think one of my customer’s is jinxing me! It seems that whenever he asks how my sleep is, I don’t sleep that night. Maybe when I say it’s going well, he pulls out a Christina-shaped voodoo doll and puts pins in all the insomnia places.) So I think it’s time for Harry Potter and bed.

Sounds like a plan.
Happy hump day.
(Pray for me, for tomorrow is a “long” day.)


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