5.19.13 (A weekend roundup)

This weekend I:

    Ate sushi and learned that salmon rolls are freaking delicious and preferable to tuna rolls. (Though a tuna roll is better than no roll at all.)

    Saw Star Trek Into Darkness and remembered that Zachary Quinto is an amazing Spock. (Also, Spock is my favorite forever — his logic is probably the total opposite of my mode of living and therefore seems very desirable. The yin to my yang.)

    Helped my friend(s) move. I got Chipotle out of it. And then I bought my own beer because we ended up at Taphouse and I drank more beer today than I have in the past two weeks, probably. I also (finally) had their fries and, oh my god, they’re made in duck fat and then I got they covered in braised short ribs and mozzarella. Again, oh my god. (I drank a Creme Brûlée, Banana Bread and a Hoptimus Prime. Also delicious.)

    Then I came home, did some grocery shopping (but forgot bread), watched Hemlock Grove and now I’m watching a TED talk on spirituality.

On my to do list:

    Plan a few recipes to try out for a brunchy bridal shower.

    Pick a weekend and plan invites for said bridal shower.

    Eat at Smoke.

It’s been a good weekend. I’m sad to see it end. Mondays always bum me out a little and they always come too soon.


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