The Diet — It Died.

I had, last week, decided I needed to start eating like a normal girl. You know, less than 24 zillion calories a day.

And I was doing alright… until suppers. And then the weekend happened.

Well, forget it. Yesterday I did my first #hbgbyob and ate at Smoke in Harrisburg.

I got a Boss Dawg sandwich, which consisted of pulled pork, bacon, slaw and pickles (with a side of mac and cheese, of course). It was freakin’ huge… and delicious. Oddly enough, the taste of the pickles stuck with me. They must have been some very tasty pickles to get lodged in my brain. I also tried animal style fries, bacon wrapped dates and pork belly; each were very good.

Dawn and Mike ordered and shared the ’68 Comeback Special for dessert. Peanut butter, bananas, bacon, honey and whipped cream.

I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love peanut butter. And bacon.

Then, today, I had to do some test baking with puff pastry, which is unreasonably terrible for you. Obviously I had to eat the food to see if it was any good. I’m not sure I’m actually a fan, so I might end up going back to the drawing board there.

Tonight was also the Wing Up. (I’m a weirdo and order boneless… less mess!) So, obviously, I ate a dozen wings AND potato boats (more bacon) at Champions in Highspire. The wings were good and really quite cheap. (They cost just slightly more than my appetizer.) I’d probably go back if I were in the area.

All this eating has made me feel a little guilty about skipping my workout today. I’ll have to try and get a good hour long workout in tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can find some living room friendly cardio that doesn’t make my downstairs neighbor hate me as much as I dislike them.


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