Dear Pioneer Woman,

Glazed vanilla scones. Mmmmm.

I made your vanilla scones. I know you’re all BUTTER and HEAVY CREAM! But even when I “healthified” these scones, I almost died when I sampled the results.

I love you. I’m pretty serious about that. Scones = love.

“Healthified” means I used half butter, half coconut oil and replaced the heavy cream with skim milk. Oh, I also replaced the two vanilla beans with a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract (because my kitchen is the kitchen of a bank teller — I have no fancy things besides my King Arthur White Wheat Flour).

I also “only” used three cups of powdered sugar in the glaze. Only. And it was still super sugary, sweet-as-hell goodness.

I also had to add a bit more flour. Maybe it’s my substitutions, but the dough was super wet. it was still pretty darn moist when I added the extra 2/3 cup of flour, but I decided to soldier on. It worked out just fine.

But still, you are the best. Now I have a solid scone recipe for my sister’s bridal shower. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Now I just have to find time to whip up the sweet roll dough you use in your cinnamon rolls. I have plans. Cinnamon ones. And chocolate ones.

With Love,


3 thoughts on “Dear Pioneer Woman,

    • They are amazing. I should have made them even smaller so that I had some to take to work. Oh well! I’ll have to make more sometime soon.

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