Yin Yoga

I had a weird day.

It started off normal enough, I woke up ungodly on for a Sunday so I could get my morning yoga in before taking photos at the Tour de Millersburg.

That’s where things got weird.

I don’t know why, but this whole bikers-everywhere made me miss The Most Recent Heartbreaker. And so I felt vulnerable, dumb and sad. (Only two of which are valid emotions, the “dumb” is negative self talk because liking and missing someone isn’t dumb. I’ve realized that and it is what it is.)

I feel a little better now. I did some yin yoga, which is why I’m here now. I’m not perfectly normal because immediately following my yin yoga, all I wanted to do was get out of savasana and curl into a tight, protective ball.


I felt so open in savasana. I had to keep my hands on my belly so I could finish the video. I felt too vulnerable. So immediately following this session, I curled up under some blankets and let myself feel protected. And now I feel pretty okay again.

Despite my discomfort with the openness savasana asked of me, this Yin Yoga routine is great. It left me feeling better, more zen and a little bit sleepy. It was almost as good as my first yin yoga experience, so I’ll definitely be revisiting it.

Best of all, it’s FREE! (I’m broke. So broke. Like, “I spent $40 on groceries, $12 of which were grapes, and now I feel like crying” broke.) If you have an hour to zen out, I recommend giving it a go. It’s on Vimeo too.


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