Aerial Yoga

I never sat down and wrote about my aerial yoga class last week. It seems so long ago now. Having a job is such a drag sometimes!

20130819-121921.jpg(Not my photo.)

Last Tuesday I was off work for a doctor appointment. (The appointment went fine and I’ll likely live to see tomorrow.) My favorite thing about taking off work for doctor appointments is that I always plan something fun before/after the appointment since I’ll be out of The Valley and into civilization where they believe in froyo and yoga and actual shopping centers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like The Valley. It’s quiet and peaceful and full of delicious, Pennsylvania Dutch-y food, but it’s idea of ethnic food is that Americanized bastardization of Chinese food. And yoga? That’s probably of the devil around here.

That’s probably not true, but even my sister’s confused by the possibility that I might drop over $2000 to become a yoga teacher. It’s just not a thing here. Running, sure. Yoga? No.

Sorry, I’m getting off topic. Aerial yoga!

It was so much fun! It’s surprising how much more I felt my core being used in some of the poses and how much stretchier I felt in other poses.

Turns out those little fabric hammocks hold up to 1000 lbs. I weigh far less that 1000 lbs! It’s super safe!

Hanging upside down is a blast! I felt like I was 7, hanging from the monkey bars again. Nothing quite picks up your mood like returning to that simpler time in your childhood. Ah, the days where your biggest responsibility was brushing your teeth before bed.

The instructor I had, Regina from Om My Yoga, was really good about walking you through the poses step by step. Not once did I feel like I might fall on my face. Very cool, very safe and loads of fun!

So yes, I loved aerial yoga. I would recommend it to anyone. Hang upside down and feel like a kid again! Defy gravity for a few minutes! (Okay, you’re not really defying gravity. I just wanted you to feel rebellious.) Have a blast!


2 thoughts on “Aerial Yoga

    • It’s harder in some ways (the sway can throw you off balance in standing poses) and easier in others (support where there isn’t usually support).

      It’s not really harder or easier, just different in a very fun way. :)

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