I had the foresight to know that tomorrow I was not going to want to squeeze in a trip to the gym, so instead of skipping tonight, I sweat one out.

460 calories via 30 minutes on the arc trainer. So. Much. Sweat. It’s not the best burn I’ve ever gotten, but just GOING to the gym is a success story.

This means I only have to wake up early enough to do my hour long sweaty-making yoga. And shower. And start a load or two of laundry before the bachelorette party fun begins!

On a different note, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a FANTASTIC book and you all should go borrow it or buy it. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers. I have to thank Will for introducing me to some of the best writers. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

I really need to read more of both of them. The reason I love Gaiman so much is — he writes wonderful kids’ stories too. They’re kid-friendly and still adult-interesting. (The only books that rival him in this arena, that I’ve found thus far, are Dr Seuss books. Bizarre and a little weird. Kid- and adult-friendly.)

Ummmm, I guess that’s all for tonight. I’m starting to get a little tired. It’s only 9:19 and I’m tired. Oy, I’m getting old.


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