Thankful Thursday

A lot of people are doing “Throwback Thursdays” and I like that idea, but I don’t have a bunch of old photos lying around my apartment.

Instead, in keeping with my hopeful-yoga-centric theme, I’m doing Thankful Thursday.
And why I’m starting today, I’m not sure. Maybe because I need to remind myself to be thankful today. My tummy hurts. I’m hoping it’s because of the sauerkraut I ate last night. I’m hoping items not The Bug.

But here we go. I’m thankful:

    For my general health — this is the first time I haven’t felt good in a while.
    For the sleep I get.
    For being able to complete my yoga this morning despite my feeling of unease.
    For improving in my yoga, even when it’s difficult.
    For being able to make a cake in 1 hour and 30 minutes yesterday. A red velvet cake at that.

And, as usual, I’m thankful for my family and friends who — though sometimes it makes me crazy — have been keeping me busy, happy and level.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    • You guys, the cake was so good. It was even moist! A rarity amongst red velvet cakes.

      I’ll post the recipe on my food blog shortly. Hopefully this weekend, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s another busy one!

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