A bl(ist)og.

I’m going to steal some (list) writing prompts from this and that.

Today You Can Find Me…

In Down Dog, struggling though my morning yoga, but still finding bliss by the end.
(My right hip feels weird — like it needs to pop, but it won’t!)

Throwing supper in the crockpot.
(Sweet Chicken Chili Rice Bowls!)

At work, smiling through the relative boredom.

Trying to make the world a better place by actually taking the time to listen and engage.

Singing along (badly) to my iPod on my way home from work.

Creating a new blog post over at PS: Olive You.

Boiling rice — for the rice bowls mentioned earlier.

Making a list!

Eating my rice bowl and then racing to my parents to grab a camera for tonight’s photo assignment — a HS football game!
(I love photographing football games! So much adrenaline and so much noise.)

Climbing into bed, curling up with some Harry Potter and (hopefully) sleeping.


5 thoughts on “A bl(ist)og.

    • It was a pretty good day. Despite working all day. At least I got outside for the football game. :) It was perfect football weather.

    • The Budget Bytes website? I love her. I don’t *always* get amazing tasting recipes from her recipes, but they’re always edible, cheap enough and worth a shot.

      My go to, always impressive site is Smitten Kitchen, but her meals can get a little pricier. Her baked goods (cakes, cookies, scones, etc) ALWAYS come out freaking amazing. Same with Pioneer Woman. I love them both so much.

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