Yoga Bingo

For the Om My Yoga Bingo card, we’re to write a paragraph about how yoga has changed our lives.

I’m not sure it’s so much change my life as it gave me a Thing. It gave me a purpose and something to dedicate myself to.

I usually do yoga first thing in the morning. I usually like doing a sweaty vinyasa routine and since I do it before I shower, I can’t use the “but I already showered today” excuse. If my body is tired, I have “easy” routines, so I have no reason not to get out of bed and get centered before work.

I suppose that’s a benefit! Centering myself before I start work. I work as a teller and sometimes finding the patience to deal with the public is… trying. Starting the day off on the right foot can make a huge difference. For example, I didn’t do yoga this morning and I feel extra irritable. (I’m doing yoga this afternoon, I’m not slacking!)

So that’s my little blurb about how yoga has changed my life!


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