Humpday just isn’t as exciting when you realize it means you’re halfway through a week of vacation.

Vacation has been lovely, though. It started Monday. Monday, I SLEPT IN! (Well, I stayed in bed until 9. GLORIOUS 9 AM!) I test drove a yoga routine off of (I wasn’t a fan, but I have others to try.) Then I had therapy at 1, did a bit of poking around on personal projects, and then had supper with my momma at El Rodeo. We had chiles rellanos, enchiladas, chips, salsa, and flan. Mmmm, flan.

And froyo. Because why not?

Tuesday was pretty chill. I got up around 8, did one of my usual-and-slightly-intense yoga DVDs, went to the gym and elliptical’d 450 calories worth, came home to shower and then went to lunch with my Meemaw and aunt Janet.

This morning, I took an aerial yoga class at Om My Yoga with Regina. It was the most intense aerial class I’ve taken yet, but it was soooo much fun. My right ass cheek only almost seized up once. I felt physically warm & stretched! I like when my yoga makes me sweat! I learned that I need to force my foot to point straight ahead in balance poses even though it REALLY wants to turn slightly outward. I need to work on my inner thighs. Good to know!

After that, I hit up downtown Harrisburg. I checked out Yellow Bird Cafe and had a Nutella pop tart pastry. Did I have you at Nutella? They had me there. It was amazing. Flaky and covered in sugar glaze. Mmmmm. I’ve already told my mom we’re hitting them up for breakfast as soon as our schedule allows.

Then, since eating is what I do on vacation, I checked out Jackson House at lunch with Mike (shoutout!). They’re known for their burgers. They’re so well known for them that these guys get to choose their own hours and those hours are M-F 10:30 to 2. No weekends, no “I didn’t call ahead, but I need 10 burgers” people, no evenings. (The no evening thing is a huge bummer for me since I don’t work in Harrisburg and I’d like to eat every single thing on their menu now that I’ve had one burger.)

Once I returned home, I made lemon bars (from a box) and snickerdoodle blondies (from scratch) for supper club. Oh, and I did a little day drinking — another Midas Touch because (1) I have a bunch of it, (2) drinking in the day time is fun and (3) a beer is a requirement while baking.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get up at a reasonable hour (7 is the likely hour), do yoga, freshen up and head down to the Hershey Spa. I have a pedicure booked for 12:15,  but I’ll be making full use of the spa’s fitness center, steam room, showers, and quiet room beforehand. Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll have a place to grab a small breakfast snack before I get my toes done. I’m sure they will.

After my toes are done, I’ll take myself to Troegs and maybe I’ll do a little outlet shopping. I have $15 to spend at LOFT for my birthday, $10 at Famous Footwear, and I have two 20% off coupons for the outlets themselves. A little retail therapy would be nice.

The only bummer this week is the time change. It’s dark before 6 pm now and that sucks ass. In fact, it’s 4:30 and I should probably head outside if I want to see any more sunshine before supper club. What a downer. I’m hoping my happy pills keep me out of the armpit of depression this winter. The sunlight is only a marker of time, but god it makes such a difference in moods. Even just day-to-day, sunny days contain many more happy people over cloudy or rainy ones.

Perhaps getting rid of a time change is something people from all political walks could agree on. We should just spring forward and never bother falling back next year. (I’d much rather my day start dark than end dark.)


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