The Last Day.

Today was my last day of PTO. I loved my staycation. I cleaned my apartment (well, as far as cleaning goes in my world), I did some shopping, received some pampering, did some day drinking, did yoga and slept in. I even took a very short walk to look at the autumn leaves that are still barely here. Very short. It was cold and windy as shit and it’s my vacation so I’ll do what I want.

Waking up at 5:45 tomorrow is going to suck.

I took myself to see “About Time” today. As cynical as I am, and I can be pretty cynical when it comes to men and love, it was just what I needed to watch today. So romantic and, in the end, was really about appreciating life in the present moment. Even when real life includes work, I suppose.

Though, Rachel McAdams’ character did read for a living. That’s not the same as being stuck in a building providing customer service all day. Can you tell the post-vacation blues are trying to set in? Boo hiss.


2 thoughts on “The Last Day.

    • Oh, I knooooow. I’ve got to just sit down and write a TMI post and give everyone a giant life update.

      But when? Lol. Maybe Tuesday night. If I get to the gym tonight, I’ll be able to give myself Tuesday off! And I don’t have actual plans for Tuesday. How exciting!

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