Okay, this blogging thing needs to happen again.

It’s come to my attention that I haven’t blogged in… um, almost 7 months.

Sorry about that. I’m sure you’re all concerned that I’ve been hiding in a hole since November. I haven’t been. Things have happened. Mostly yoga, some work stuff, big life decisions have been made but I’m still the same old Christina. I’m pretty stable like that. Even when I’m doubting everything and I’m depressed out of my gourd, I’m still me… just not a sparkly me.

I’m sparkly right now though, so HOORAY!

I don’t know where to begin. Chronologically, I suppose.

January 1st, 2014: I spent NYE in Scranton with my BFF, Dustin. (He makes pretty snazzy music, so click and give it a listen.) The next (hungover) morning, I did Bikram at Steamtown Yoga… because I hate myself. I thought I was going to pass out no less than 4 times in that hour and a half. I drank a quart of water during/after class on my way home. It was about 30 degrees outside and it was GLORIOUS walking to my car in just my tank top. GLORIOUS!

January 2nd, 2014: I start a new job at the bank. I’m now in back room operations. I miss my customers. I miss knowing the “gossip” and I miss learning about strangers lives, but I’m also not totally emotionally exhausted by the end of the day. Being an introvert in an extroverted world is the pits sometimes. But I’m not entirely sure I wasn’t good at it and even liked it sometimes. None the less, the new job is not terrible. I have a cubicle and a window and enough to keep me busy, so my day goes a little bit faster. I’m still living for the weekends, though. Well, the weekends and my weekday evenings.

February something 2014: I did a Detox Retox and met an unnamed yoga fling. This will be important in about a month.

March 2014: I finally lose my virginity by refusing to expect anything from said yoga fling except some educational sex. It was good while it lasted — the expiration being sometime in April. I found out I’m surprisingly good at casual sex when men are honest with me and let me know that’s all it is. The honesty, it was exhilarating. Men should try it more often. Women should too.

April 2014: I decide, officially, to go back to school. Corporate Communications. I feel dread about the student loans, but GOD I NEED TO DO SOMETHING.

May 2014… A lot of the same old, same old. I did a yoga pose a day challenge because I’m doing yoga anyway. I’ve started a facebook album with some of my achievements. I also run another Color Run in Hershey. The color was fun, the course was hellishly hilly. It was pretty awful, really. The color made it worth it, I suppose.


ImageAnd so now I’m just biding my time until July 1st, when I’ve decided I’ve got to amp up my yoga challenge a little by eating mostly vegetarian and buying only organic meat when I cook for myself. I’m also going to give myself a day off a week from yoga. Just one day. It’s optional. Maybe I’ll just keep going forever because after a year, I’m pretty sure it become a deliciously good for you habit.

My first class back in the college game is in July too. The 7th, I think?

Life is good. Maybe it’s the yoga, the happy meds and the therapy… but it’s all good.


4 thoughts on “Okay, this blogging thing needs to happen again.

  1. First off: YAY NEW POST!
    secondly: I love the yoga! Ugh.. I keep saying I want to do yoga but then I keep putting it off. Story of my life.
    A late congrats on the new job.. I truly wish I had a “hide away” job.
    Good luck with school! Trust me it’ll be worth it in the end… I dropped out of undergrad a year or so ago.. and i regret it, but it really was mentally stressful for me.
    So.. I’ve learned lately that I LOVE beauty. I love makeup. I love skin care. I love hair. I love it. So my goal right now is to get a job in the beauty field and then possible cosmo school. LETS HOPE.


    • The past few months have been very good to me. Exhausting, but good.

      I’ve got to try to blog again tonight. I’ll try to so a once weekly thing so I don’t go 7 months between posts again. 7 months is too many.

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