Grilled cheese deliciousness.

I broke a rule today when I made my grilled cheese sandwich… I didn’t use butter.

I wasn’t sure how old the butter I had in my fridge actually was, so I used coconut oil. It probably would have been weird if I had been making a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, but I wasn’t making a traditional grilled cheese sandwich. No no no. I like to experiment with my cheese sandwiches.

You see, my mom and I ate a Mad Dash grilled cheese made with ham, swiss cheese, dijon mustard and apple butter. Since then, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with thinking up a new sweet and salty combo.

Tonight I made myself a turkey and provolone cheese sandwich with raspberry preserves. Not just any raspberry preserves, though. The best raspberry preserves ever… Bonne Maman raspberry preserves. People put that gross cranberry jelly on their turkey, so why not delicious raspberry jam?

Raspberry PreservesThe sandwich was sweet and tasty and super yummy and I think you should all play with jam and coconut oil next time you make a grilled cheese sandwich. Incidentally, coconut oil grills up bread just as well as butter.

Who would have thought a healthy option could also be a tasty option? That’s pretty rare!


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