Holy Jumping Jacks!

I decided I didn’t want to deal with people at the gym today. I had a long ass Monday at work and I didn’t want to have to interact with more humans. Also, I’m feeling super bloated and so I also don’t want to be in public because I feel poofy. It was mostly because I didn’t want to interact with humans, though… I’m not so vain that I can’t hit the gym on a “fat” day.

I’ve also decided that I should do more weight bearing exercises to try and “train” for the 5K I want to run in September. I can do an hour on the elliptical with the only result being an incredibly sweaty body. I can do 30 minutes on the arc trainer with the same result. However, running a mile will destroy my body. The difference? Impact.

I decided to try out an interval workout on Youtube. I started with a 37 minute routine that looked easy enough when I skimmed through it. 40 seconds of jumping jacks and whatnot. EASY PEASY!

Errrrr, or not. I started out in sneakers and my feet cramped up almost immediately, so I took off my shoes. My feet were happier bare. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I decided to stick with my hippie cult leader feet. Maybe I need those super thin soled shoes for “training” purposes.

Anyhow, I went from smiling to “holy shitsnacks” about 10 seconds into the first round of jumping jacks. How did that girl keep smiling (and looking like she wasn’t about to keel over any moment)?

I survived. I’ve eaten string cheese and 1/6 of a watermelon for supper. Maybe I can debloat by tomorrow. That would be super. (I’ve got to lay off the fried foods and overindulgences on the weekends. Visiting Dustin this weekend, eating like a teenager, and then indulging in so much sushi for father’s day did a number on me.)

Speaking of my weekend! I had such a blast. I did yoga, as usual, and then went to Scranton to hang with Dustin and his current SO. (Sort of jealous about this because now I have to live vicariously through him for relationship tales. I’d like to have my own tales too.) I danced myself silly and I’m pretty sure I threw a rib out again. Apparently I lose all muscle control when I dance myself silly. Hopefully I can keep myself together enough to get to my chiropractor appointment on Wednesday without throwing myself out further. I’m getting old. On Sunday, I had breakfast and then drove home to take my dad out for sushi. He bought himself some new sneakers and we got Starbucks too.

There are so many neato workout tights right now! I wish I had money to go hogwild at Dicks. I’m loving all the brights that are on the sales floor right now!

Next weekend promises to be almost as action packed. Oh, summer. There are so many things to do…


2 thoughts on “Holy Jumping Jacks!

  1. go to a real running shoe store, one where they’ll put on a treadmill and analyze your stride. They can then recommend a shoe for you. That should help with your running issues, i hope. Be prepared to spend a little more for shoes then you might somewhere else, but it’s worth it.

    • I already spent too much on running shoes! I refuse to pay more than $80 ever again, lol.

      No, I should go. I do think my biggest issue is my ankle strength and the fact I don’t do high impact stuff. My tiny ankles have a lot of weight (175 +\- 2 lbs) to hold/control. Jumping side to side ornrunning is jarring by nature. I’m not a tiny girl. A shoe won’t help that…

      But it was odd to me that shoeless was better. I would have thought the stability a shoe base provides would have helped, not hurt.

      Either way, my ass is incredibly sore this morning and that is not my shoes’ fault.

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