Sunday Funday.

It’s almost time for sleeps. This weekend, as many of my past weekends have been, was packed full of good times. I did a bit of yoga, book shopping, tattoo shopping, drinks on a deck near the river… more yoga, some clothing shopping, Beer and Bacon for a good cause, & a trip to Costco. I’m exhausted. I’m not looking forward to my early start tomorrow!

But tomorrow evening, I have a BYOB dinner to attend also. I probably shouldn’t go, I’m all out of money, but the restaurant we’re hitting up is one of the more affordable ones I’ve been to lately.

I listened to NPR all day yesterday and today. I love NPR. They have so many great radio shows — especially during the day on weekends. Most are pretty light hearted. Car Talk is one of my favorites. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me is always good too. They had one of my podcaster crushes on Wait, Wait… Luke Burbank of TBTL. (You can listen to any one of their podcasts… They have saved my life when I’ve done power-filing at work.)

Now I’m just hanging out in my living room, listening to the non-storm outside. I think it might be finished pretending to thunder. We didn’t get hit up my way nearly as hard as they did in Harrisburg. Looks like I headed home just in time.

I just realized that next weekend will probably be much more chill. HOORAY! I need some downtime, so listen… if you were going to try and wrangle me into doing things… I don’t want to. I’m doing yoga. Maybe I’ll see about getting my first tattoo. I’ll take my momma shopping, if she’s still up for it. Otherwise, I’m going to Wegman’s or Costco. I’ll try and find those damn spicy pickles again.

The thing about having a Costco membership is now I have 10 single serve bags of edamame in my freezer (because I gave two to my momma) and they will prooooobably be gone by this time next week. I almost bought mediterranean spinach and chickpea patties, but put them back when I saw the edamame. I also have a giant tub of spring mix for lunches this week… and olive and feta salad.

I love Costco. On my list for next time: figs, the elusive spicy pickles and probably more edamame. Maybe I’ll get some veggie burgers. We’ll see how my week of salads goes first.

Pretty soon I’ll be hanging out with some pretty damn cool people to see This Way to the Egress. I’ve done fairly limited research, but they seems like a pretty rad band. (I feel like their music would fit in nicely on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries — which reminds me, I have to start binge watching that again. Maybe it will be my finish-your-homework motivation this week.)

I’m gonna head to bed and do a bit of reading. I just picked up Raising Steam from the library and I’m hoping to get through it within two weeks. (It’s quite the feat when you read before bed and you’re as tired as I’ve been.) How are things with all of you?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday.

  1. I started listening to Radiolab recently and I’m SO into it. I love listening to the podcast while cooking or cleaning. Of course I end up talking to myself when I respond in surprise/shock/amusement at what’s being said, but hey.

    What do you eat edamame with? I’ve never tried it before.

    • I usually just boil/steam the edamame and then coat the pods with a TON of salt. You suck the beans out of the pod. Apparently the pods are really hard to digest.They’re super tough and so I wouldn’t really want to eat them.

    • Edamame is also fun because you get to play with your food in the process of eating it. I’m really a 5 year old at heart.

      Radio lab is an awesome podcast. I haven’t listened in a while because TBTL has been keeping me busy enough to this point, but I’m doing a lot of filing, so I’ll have time to catch up on old obsessions soon!

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