Headaches, body aches, and general malaise.

I’ve been sick-ish since the beginning of October. combine this with a general sense of disinterest in work and too many activities and you have me — tired, headachy, and munching on junk.

Luckily, I bought a bunch of apples today at Schelgel‘s (and ate the last of my gourmet cupcakes — cookie dough cupcakes are divine), so maybe my junk food days are behind me. Macoun apples are my new favorites. HoneyCrisps are always delicious and I bought some SunCrisps today too because they’re beautiful.

All the apples are beautiful.

This morning I walked a 5K with my mom and my sister. Then I got apples. Then I came home and finished my paper for my Survey of Mass Communications class, removed my gel polish and put regular polish on my nails and decided I should blog quick before I go to my evening activity. A fall hay ride, corn maze thing.

Last night I took photos for the first half of a football game and then drank wine at Armstrong Valley Winery. (Semi-Dry Rutter Red.)

My weekends. I need one that isn’t packed with activities. I want to sit around and read for pleasure. Maybe my headache would go away.


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